Counting cells with a specific range



This function is taken from C Pearsons site and it counts the number of cells
a range. Can someone explain the asterixxed lines below

#CountByColor = CountByColor - _
# (Rng.Font.ColorIndex = WhatColorIndex)
# CountByColor = CountByColor - _
# (Rng.Interior.ColorIndex = WhatColorIndex)

Function CountByColor(InRange As Range, _
WhatColorIndex As Integer, _
Optional OfText As Boolean = False) As Long
' This function return the number of cells in InRange with
' a background color, or if OfText is True a font color,
' equal to WhatColorIndex.
Dim Rng As Range
Application.Volatile True

For Each Rng In InRange.Cells
If OfText = True Then
CountByColor = CountByColor - _
(Rng.Font.ColorIndex = WhatColorIndex)
CountByColor = CountByColor - _
(Rng.Interior.ColorIndex = WhatColorIndex)
End If
Next Rng

End Function

Bob Phillips

It is simply working out whether it counts the cells that meet the required
colour, or whether to count the cells whose text meets the colour.

The function has an optional parameter OfText that you can set to True to
count the cell text colour.

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