Count Number of occurences of several texts in a range of cells



I’m trying to use a COUNTIFS fx to count only certain answers from a list of
answers. Answers can only be chosen from a predetermined drop down list.

Answers I want to count are “S&Dâ€, “TOâ€, “Both†and “Yâ€

Range is the same for all cells. Other answers are an option but I do not
want to count them.

I’ve tried these but they won’t seem to work:
=countifs(o2:blush:93, “S&Dâ€, o2:blush:93, “TOâ€, o2:blush:93, “Bothâ€, o2:blush:93, “Yâ€)
=countifs(o2:blush:93, “S&Dâ€, “TOâ€, “Bothâ€, “Yâ€)

Any ideas?

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