Count/Calculation According to Age of the Person



I'm making an attendance summary sheet. And here is what I want to do:

What can I do if I need to have some certain "letter" counted, or some
number calculated
depend upon the person age?

Let's say there are 6 different age group and I want to have a formula that
will pick up the attendance of Mr. A in a certain group depend upon his age,
and WHEN Mr. A's birth date is in the middle of the month, the formula will
automatically divide Mr. A's attendance into two different age groups
accordingly to the birth date as a cutoff date as well. Is it possible to do
this in Excel?

Other info:
I know how to count the attendance by using "if" and "counta" function to
pick up certain symbol to count the attendance.
And I found out of how to calculate the age of a person by
=INT((TODAY()-<person's birth date)/365.25).


This formula will count all the numbers in column A that are between 60 and
65 inclusive.


Vaya con Dios,
Chuck, CABGx3

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