Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply


Mar 25, 2003
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Legit Reviews have taken a look at the Cougar PowerX 550W Power Supply:

"Founded back in 2007, Cougar is a relatively new manufacturer of power supplies, at least on paper; the company is a subsidiary of HEC, which is also known as Compucase or Heroichi on some parts of the world, a firm which has been in the market for decades. Today we are having our first encounter with one of their products, the mainstream-oriented PowerX 550W. Obviously, Cougar is not trying to set any records with such a power supply, yet it is exactly the type of product which appeals to the largest percentage of common users and gamers.

The Cougar PowerX 550W power supply is not yet available in the US, but it will be soon and its MSRP price is $69.99, a highly competitive price for those seeking something better than a cheap "grey" unit but unwilling to pay for a premium power supply. Even though the class of this power supply does not create any illusions that the performance will be legendary, it still remains of critical importance to reach levels which would justify the upgrade over a cheap run-of-the-mill unit."

You can read their full review here.


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