Corrupted Excel Display


Tom Morris

Windows XP Professional, Excel 2003, 2GB RAM

When our heavy Excel user has five or more instances of Excel open, usually,
the display begins to fail. It's as if each sheet were composed of tiles and
the tiles were randomly moved around. Also, the programs no longer respond to
mouse clicks or keystrokes.

I disabled all graphic features to no avail; no entries in the Event logs.

Thanks for any help.

Tom Morris



Gord Dibben

Why have several instances of Excel running?

Better to have the five workbooks in one instance.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP




Same thing happening here with two different users. It happened to me
running a single instance of Excel and another operating the same way. Excel
2007 SP1 with 1GB RAM on one box and 1.5GB on the other.

Both boxes are update with OS patches and completed a repair on both.

Still occurs 1-2x/day.

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