Corrupted DB



In a backup version of a database, I can successfully import an Excel
spreadsheet to an Access table using
DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet , , strTbl, strFile, True.
In the current version of the DB, when executing the above I get an error
msg, "Microsoft Office Access was unable to append all the data to the
table." There is no visible reason why. I created a new Access DB, defined
the same target table, used the same Excel file and subroutines, and there
was no problem. Hence my conclusion that the DB is corrupted. This is a
large database with a front-end and back-end. Is there any way to address
this problem short of reconstructing the whole DB? :(



it's not clear where the "target" table resides - in the backend or the
frontend db? whichever it is, i'm assuming there are no other discernable
problems in that db. suggest you back up the db, then delete the target
table, compact and repair the db, then create a new target table and try

if you still have the same issue, suggest you create a new, blank db, create
the target table, and run the import. if it's successful, then import all
the objects from the "old" db EXCEPT the original target table.
compact/repair the new db, then try the import again. if it runs okay, then
you're done.


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