Corrupt Video problem



AMD64 3200+ (764 pin)
Abit NF-8 v.2 motherboard
2 X 512MB Mushkin PC3500 memory
2 X 36 GB Sata Raptor Harddrives (RAID 0)
120GB Maxtor IDE drive (storage)
BFG Geforce 6800 GT OC
Plextor DVD RW

Case ambient temp <50 C
Video card temp after reboot 71 C

During gameplay (World of Warcraft, only game loaded), after 5-30 min.
video corrupts to gray and black checkerboard pattern, but I can still
hear sound. If left alone, computer will reboot to desktop. Event Viewer
shows no errors, however I do get under "System" Event 2, nvatabus,
usually 3 to 4 instances, all with the same time stamp.

I have run a video stability test and Aquamark 3D, both ran fine. I have
run 3 passes of Memtest86 with no errors. I have made sure the memory
was limited to 200MHZ to match the motherboard. I have tried different
DDR voltages from 2.65 to 2.8 with no difference. I have tried
allocating 3GB virtual memory instead of Windows managed- no difference.
Reloaded last released chipset drivers and latest video drivers.

I don't think it's a video card problem, but will swap cards to a
different computer to check playing the same game. I'd appreciate some
advice on how to proceed to narrow down the possibilities and isolate
the problem.


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