Corrupt VBA code?



I do not normally post to more that one thread, however,
I have decided to post this here in order to try to get
some assistance.

I am using Access 2003 with database as 2002. I am able
to open the database, but if I just let it set for a few
minutes it presents the error box that tells me that an
error has occurred. It request: do I want to backup the
database file and do I want to send the error to

I can even open an exising form in design view if I do it
rather quickly. If I attemp in any way to go to the Code
window or open the form, I get the error immediately.

I have tried to compact and repair. I have even tried to
import some or all of the forms, etc. to an empty
batabase. Nothing seems to make any headway.

If anyone has any way to get to any of the code it would
be appreciated.




Allen Browne

Any forms using the Timer event?

Any VBA addins?

Any startup code?


You could try the undocumented command switch /decompile

Create a shorcut with the commandparameters

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Office\Office\MSACCESS.EXE" "/decompile"

(where "C:\Program Files\Microsoft
Office\Office\MSACCESS.EXE" is the location of your
msaccess file)

Then open a test-backup of your corrupt database
(always work on copies)
If succesfull it will display briefly code is compiled to
the latest vba ...

Close Access
Remove the /decompile (not for normal use)
Compact and repair the test-backup

Open the test-backup and see if nothing is missing


Thanks for the replies. I will try the "decompile"
process. I had forgotten about that.


There are no timer events.

There are no VBA Addins, but I am using Seven Leban's
monthly calendar and Albert Kallal's merge to word

I do have some rather simple code in the OnCurrent event
of the first form, but I am not opening or attempting to
open this form. I had not yet set any form to open on

Your assistance is appreciated.





Just wanted to let everyone know:

The "decompile" worked to let me open the application and
get to the VBA code window.

It is this kind of situation that make discussion groups
like this so benificial.

Thanks, again.


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