Corrupt keyboard combinations in Excel 2007


I seem to have a problem with corrupt keys in Excel 2007. If I have Excel
open for 20-30 minutes, I find that the right side CTRL key seems to become
corrupted. For example, if I hit CTRL-C to copy a cell, Excel inserts the
'¢' symbol into the active cell. The problem also affects the semi-color
(;), apostrophe (') and other keys on the right side of the keyboard, where
they behave as though I've inserted a special character.

The problem occurs consistently, but only after Excel has been open for soem
time. It is repeatable on three different computers:

1) Desktop PC running Vista 64-bit
2) Laptop PC running Vista 32-bit
3) Desktop PC running Vista 32-bit

Windows and Office have been installed as fresh installs on all three PC's.
Only common thread is the anti-virus software on two of the PC's (#3 uses
Symantec instead of Trend Micro) and my "Documents" folder, which has been
copied onto the two desktops.

Was originally willing to chalk this up to Vista 64-bit or a buggy laptop
driver, but with this now affecting a third PC, the evidence seems to be
over-whelming that there's something amiss with Excel. The problem does not
occur in any other application (Office or otherwise). Closing and re-opening
Excel *usually* solves the problem, but on rare occasions I need to do a full

Anyone else seen this problem? I can't seem to turn anything up through
Google or a search of this forum.




Sounds like your system is switching the keyboard language. If you never use
different keyboard languages, you can simply remove the unused ones from the
keyboard settings in control panel.

Excellent thought... I'll give it a try. Probably be some time before I
can state with certainty that it's done the job, but I'll give it a go.


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