Copying Files from Network



Using Vista Ultimate 64bit

We have created a bat file that performs multiple XCOPY commands to copy
various files all over the network from key servers and workstations to the
local machine into a PGP encrypted drive, drive letter V.

So a typcical command might be something like:

XCOPY \\Server_Name\share name\special folder\*.* V:\Special Folder


XCOPY \\Server_Name\c$\another folder\*.* V:\Another Folder

The local machine has a user logged in as a Domain Admin
The network connection is 1gbit

We have tried this bat file many different ways.
1) Manual Backup - by that I mean double clicking the bat file to run,
sometimes is done and backs up everything in 8 minutes.

2) Scheduled Backup - task scheduler as domain admin DOMAIN\Admin Name
running with as high a priv as possible - everything backs up in 21 minutes

Same scenarios, manual backup runs in 20 minutes, sometimes the scheduled is
40 minutes

The local machine is running AV software - CA etrust - which also runs on an
XP machine that does not display this speed behavior.

The local machine is running Diskeeper 2009 - I do not know if this matters,
since the benchmarks are so different in each test.

I know VIsta now does indexing of files for searching, could this be
creating an issue?

We have tried different switch ports, different network cables, verified the
Any other suggestions I could be looking at?


Tim Quan [MSFT]


Thank you for the post.

It is not easy to find the root cause of the slow copying issue but there
are some suggestions you can try:

1. Contact your local Microsoft Service to obtain and install the hotfix

2. Unplug your external USB devices

3. Temporarily disable the Windows Search service to test the result.

4. Disable the "Remote Differential Compression" feature in "Turn Windows
features on or off".

5. Create or modify a DWORD value as 1 for

Hope it helps.

Tim Quan - MSFT

Tim Quan [MSFT]


How are things going? We have not heard back from you in a few days and
wanted to check on the status of the issue. Please let us know how things
turned out.

Tim Quan - MSFT


Hey Tim,

Well, thus far things are not working out at all...
I will address each item as we have tried it thus far - so that you have an

#1 - Per my research Hotfix KB931770 was included in Vista SP1 - do did not
apply in this instance we have to assume that it is already there.

#2 - No USB devices attached.

#3 - Disabled Windows Search and did not seem to impact the performance.

#4 - Tried Remote Diff. Compr. today - will keep you posted.

Will have to try #5 perhaps Monday or Tuesday.
We have also tried this - related to the NIC card we upped our Jumbo Packets
to 9000 as the GBit Switch Port Support Jumbo frames and we are connected
directly to it. Did not see a difference.

We turned indexing off on the Virual Drive did not see a difference.

Verified that CA Anti-Virus etrust 8.1 was not real time watching Network
Connections and the specific V:\ for the virtual disk. Did not matter.

We have noticed the is an inherent behavior that also happens when this
script runs - some days it is done in 7 minutes, and might do it in 7 minutes
for a couple days (aprox 3.5GB of data).

Other days - it will run 40 minutes or 50 minutes long.

The other thing we have noticed is that when it runs 40 minutes long the PC
will not shutdown at night sometimes for hours (like 5 or 6) yesterday for
example the shutdown was at 5 PM and it was still trying to shutdown at 10:30
at night - one time last week it ran all night trying to shutdown. (related
to this we tried the steps for the initialization of the Vista install, I
guess registration, opening and editing the Manage Users and something else
as I recall). This did not matter. We also tried to manually perform a
shutdown with a switch to force, this does not matter either.

Well, that is where we are at. Tonight we already started the script and it
was into it 15 minutes - we then tried the remote diff. comp. and turned that
off - which completed, but we suspec that a reboot is really needed even
though it did not prompt for it - since the back is still running abot 30
minutes into not.

Other things that we notice is that the CPU is just doing nothing - no
activity, even thought the hard drive seems to be busy.

And the log files create very slow.

If any of this helps or prompts a differnt response - esp. given the
shutdown issue related to the slow backup.



5. Create or modify a DWORD value as 1 for


What is the effect of this setting?

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