Copying a Part of a String Into Another String



Hello Everyone,

Here's my problem (im using Visual C++ 6.0):

I have a string that I want to copy a part of into another string;
so, say we have:

string string1, string2, string3, string4;

string1 = "This&is&life";

How can I make string2 = "life"
The idea is to look for the final '&' in string1 and place what's after
it into string2.
Then I want to have string3 to be what is in between both '&'s of
And finally string4 to equal 'this' of string1.

so in the end, we have:
string2 = life
string3 = is
string4 = this



You are in a Microsoft Access newsgroup, not Visual C++. I suggest you post
in the correct group if you want an answer for that language.

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