Copy work sheet to another work book, pros and cons



Hello - i need advice/code for the best way to copy a worksheet from one
(sometimes closed) workbook (Source.xls) to another open workbook (Main.xls).

Main then uses the newly pasted info on sheet 4 to run a vlookup on the data
from sheet 3.

My problem that by pasting links the data is not reliable. It doesnt always
update when the Source is altered (eg when a row is deleted) meanting that
the vlookup on sheet 3 in the Main.xls does not always 'find' a cell to
return. Very frustrating.

I'm now thinking that the only way to have reliable data on sheet 4 of the
Main.xls is to have the Main.xls open the Source.xls on startup and copy
accross the data, each time Main.xls is opened.

Can anyone help me understand;
1. If pasting links can be made to work better?
2. the code for copying over the work sheet on Main.xls start up
3. Whether there is a better way of doing this?
4. Anthing else to consider?

Thank you, W


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