Copy visible cells after filtered paste to first empty cell



I need a vba code that will enable me to copy only the filtered cells in a
range of 4 columns on Sheet1, and paste it to the first empty cell on Sheet2.
Eg. Filter Column A to D on Sheet1, then copy only the visible cells, and
paste the range to, starting from say Column A1 to D1 on Sheet2; filter
Sheet1 again, and paste the visible cells starting where the last paste
ended. It would be nice if I could leave it to run until it ends. To manually
cut and paste these visible cells take me about 2 hrs.
I searched for a macro, but none I've seen were suitable.

Don Guillett

Easy with a looping macro using

If all else fails, send your workbook to my address below with snippets of
this and a detailed explanation of what you desire.

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