copy to c:\users\default - user shell folder autocad 2008 isssue


Phantom Lord


hello all..

i just discovered a thing in my vista professional whick took me all day
busy to solve it.

I had to setup the pc for the users so, i installaed all drivers and
programs, created a dummy user where to set my preferences, and then i went
to the administrative account to copy the dummy user profile to ther
"default" user profile.

Then i tried to log into a new user and in the registry, the following key:
were still full of "REG_SZ" values with paths relative still to the dummy

When i tryed to open Autocad LT 2008 with the new user i got an error
explained in this link:
"Error 1606 during stand-alone or network installation on Windows Vista"

to solve the problem i had to do the following to the "dummy user" before
copying it again in the "default" user profile:

export this key in a file:
Shell Folders"
(which contains "REG_EXPAND_SZ" values of paths with the "%USERPROFILE%"
variable within....)

delete this key:
(which contains "REG_SZ" values of paths *without* the "%USERPROFILE%"
variable within....)

edit the ".reg file" and replace the string "User Shell Folders" with "Shell
Folders" and save it.

merge the "hacked" reg file to the registry..

then, i copyed the profile to "default" and all users are now able to run
Autocad 2008...

i noticed that the keys exists in the same way also in my windows xp

why such things happens? do you think Microsoft will solve this?



Hi there,

The proper way to accomplish this is to create userA profile and configure
it as needed. Create the UserB account. Restart the machine, not just
Logoff/Logon. Logon as UserB, give it a few minutes to get setup then
Restart again, not Logoff/Logon. Logon as the Administrator account and
copy UserA profile to UserB profile. Restart and logon as UserB and test.

I've used this method tons of times it's pretty solid.



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Follow-up: is an Italian NG.


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