Copy sheet - Break Links to Old Workbook - Retain Formula.


Mr Anonymouse


I have two identical spreadsheets, except one has an additional sheet, with
links to cells and ranges within the sheets in that workbook.

I've populated the sheets within the workbook without the additional sheet
(don't ask why!), now find I need that sheet. However, when I copy it
across, it retains its links to the referenced sheets within its own

How can I copy this sheet across to the other workbook, have it retain its
references (formulas), but within the new workbook? I.E. I want it pointing
to the same cells/ranges, but from the new workbook, not the one from which
it has just been copied.

Hope this make sense?

All help appreciated.




Dave Peterson

I change my formulas to text, copy the sheet, then change my text formulas back
to formulas.

Select all the cells on the sheet
what: = (equal sign)
with: $$$$$=
replace all

now do the copy

then change them back

Select all the cells on the sheet
what: $$$$$=
with: = (equal sign)
replace all

Don't forget to fix the original worksheet, too.

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