Copy Sharepoint Calendar Event to Personal Calendar in Outlook


Jon Whitmore

Is there a script or add-on available anywhere which will run from within
SharePoint to copy a specific calendar event to a users' personal calendar
in Outlook 2007?

The scenario is as follows: We are using the WSS 3.0 Absence Notification
service from within SharePoint. Once an absence is approved I would like to
copy the approved calendar item to the persons personal calendar in Outlook
so that when you use the scheduling assistant, that entry is included in
determining the availability of that person.

Just connecting the SharePoint calendar to outlook does not work because the
SharePoint calendar entries are not included in determining employee
availability in the scheduling assistant.


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

If I read the issue correctly, currently the employee posts requests to SPS
and the manager approves it. Now you need sps to send an event marked busy
to the employee's mailbox where its processed and added to their calendar.

Workflow would do that on the sps server - I'm kinda surprised the app you
are using doesn't support it. Check in the sps newsgroups on the server.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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