Copy project to sharepoint services 3.0 IIS



I've copied a project from a non-sharepoint IIS server to a sharepoint
services 3.0 IIS server, in a virtual directory similar to how the
source project was layed out as.

When I copy it over it seems to copy fine until the end where it
complains about not being able to copy everything to the bin folder.
Yet when I open the project (open/project from web) it appears fine,
and yet when I run the project, I get an error message to the effect
of: The attribute 'autoeventwireup' is not allowed in this page.

Does anyone have any thoughts, and does anyone know of any caveats
when it comes to running VB.Net projects created in Visual Studio 2003
on Sharepoint Services 3.0?

Additional note: Both the source and destination IIS server are
running .Net 1.1 Framework, so I wouldn't think a conflict in
framework version would be an issue.



bruce barker

sharepoint does not allow any code in the aspx page, or a codebehind file.
the aspx should only be controls.

your page can host a webpart which has code. you need to convert your
project to webparts. then install the webparts on the sharepoint server (a
classid will be assigned), add them to the site hosting your aspx pages. use
the classid to identify the webpart.

you probably should pickup a book and start reading.

-- bruce (

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