Copy files in sub folders to a specific directory



Dear experts:

I got more than 50 subfolders located under the following main
folder's path:


There is (1) one xlsx-file in every subfolder.

I now would like to be able via a Macro to copy the xlsx-files located
in the sub folders directly into the following directory:


Is this feasible?

Help is much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Regards, Andreas

Peter T

You can use the Name function, from help
Name oldpathname As newpathname

something like this, untested!

s1 = C:\test\MainFolder\SubFolder_#\myFile.xls"
s2 = C:\test\MainFolder\myFile"

for i = 1 to 50
sOld = replace(s1, "#", cStr(i))
sNew = s2 & "myFile_" & right("0" & i, 2) & ".xls"
Name sOld as sNew

Peter T

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