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Whilst using Excel 2003 pro

When I attache a coments box in a cell, I want to be able to place a
comments box in each cell of the same column. I have done this before but
can't remember how to to it now. The obvious answer I though was to click on
the cell with the comments box and then copy to each cell down the column.
This doesn't work.

Any help would be appreciated



muddan madhu

is this you were lookin for ?

copy the cell | go to edit | paste special | comments | ok | esc


Hi Muddan

Thanks for replying so quickly. However, your suggestion doesn't work.

What I want to be able to do is to format , shall we say, cell A1 and put a
comments box in it. I know how to do this.

What I don't know how to do is, that I then want to copy that formatting to
all the cells below A1 ie a2,a3,a4 etc so that I end up with each cell with a
comments box attached ready for when I put a comment into each box. If I do
this manually for each cel it will be time consuming as you can imagine. I
want to be able to do it in one go with some form of copying but bit doesn't
seem to work.




Gord Dibben

Muddan was on the money.

Insert a blank Comment Box in A1.

Select A1 and Copy.

Select A2:A27 and Edit>Paste Special>Comments>OK>Esc.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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