coordinating the creation of delegate and event properties



If I have a class that exposes a delegate (see following code), how do
other objects who wish to receive notifications be coded? What I mean
is the first object to receive notifications must create the delegate
by doing a 'new' whereas other objects just need to use += to add to
the delegate list. Is there a way of doing this without each class
testing whether to create the delegate first?

class ClassX
public delegate void MyDelegate(string x);
public MyDelegate OnDelegate;


class ReceivingDelegateNotifications
ClassX.OnDelegate = new ClassX.MyDelegate(MyMethod);
ClassX.OnDelegate += new ClassX.MyDelegate(MySecondMethod);

private void MyMethod(string y) {...}
private void MySecondMethod(string y) {...}

Thanks in advance,




Since you have multple listeners, you could use an event instead of a
delegate instance, which doesnt require to be initialized when the first
object registers it's method.

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