Converto to avi or wmv



When I download my home videos to my computer, I always convert them to wmv,
but I now want to start sharing the videos with family, so I have to burn
them to DVDs. What's better: to convert them to avi (even if it takes a lot
of space) or to convert them to wmv (and when it's time to burn the dvd
either convert them directly to dvd format or to avi and then to dvd format).
Do I lose quality if I save them in wmv?????


Graham Hughes

WMV is compressed, and some versions can be very compressed. DV-AVI is as it
comes off the camera tape, large file but the best quality you'll get.
As for making dvd's, if you have a dvd authoring app which will accept
wmv's, I'd just use them, too many changes will lead to more quality loss.

Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media

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