Converting dates to different formats


Nelson B.

I get an exported file with the date and time column as follows:

6/12/2009 9:01:00 AM (all in one cell)

Is there a way to convert this to just 6/12/2009?

Also how would you convert to just the month?




Gary''s Student

There are two cases:

1. if the data is a genuine Excel date/time, then just format the cell to:
Custom mm/dd/yyyy

2. if the data is only a text string then use the formula:
=LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-FIND(" ",A1)-2)

Bernard Liengme

Insert three new columns to the right of this data
Select the column of values
Use Data | Text-to-Column; specify delimited by space; click Next
For the first field specify DMY or MDY as needed (not clear from your
example); click OK
Delete unrequited columns
best wishes


Hi Nelson B.,

as far as 1st part of your questionis concerned, it is not clear whether u
are referencing the said cell elsewhere or not. If u r not using this cell
elsewhere then may be just formatting the cell as "dd/mm/yyyy" either in
date category or in general category will do the needful (eventhough it will
show the entire & actual contents of the cell in the formula bar, but only
date will be shownin the cell).

as regards second part of your question, u can also use the following
formula in the other column

click yes below, if it helps



Nelson B.

Wow that was easy! I hadn't even thought of changing the format of the
column! Thanks to all for your help.

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