Converting a wps file to a doc file



Hi - I am trying to submit my resume to a company. I need to attach it along
with the job application I filled out online. However, every time I try to
attach my resume it won't allow me to because it is a wps file. How can I
change the format of my resume so that it will be accepted? I have Vista.




JoAnn Paules

Create a plain text version of your resume. Not as pretty as a formatted
document but it's your skills they want to know about. You could try pasting
the data into WordPad and saving it as a .doc.



Graham Mayor

Wps as you are probably aware is the Works document format. The available
file formats that Works can save in rather depends on what software is
installed on your PC. Open the document in Works and see what formats are
available in File > SaveAs. You may find RTF or Word Document, both of which
are Word compatible.

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