Converting a CSV file to an Excel file


Gordon Biggar

When I export a file from a website to an Excel file (on a Windows 2000
platform), it shows up in Excel as a standard Excel spreadsheet (I am using
Office 2000). However, when I export the same file on a Vista platform, it
shows up in Excel as a comma-delimited file. How do I convert a CSV file
into an Excel spreadsheet?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Gordon Biggar
Houston, Texas

Susan Ramlet

I usually open it in Excel and then do a "File, Save As" and select Excel

Jacob Skaria

Open using File|Open and SaveAs .xls

If you are looking at opening the .csv file from Explorer on a click then
register the file type within Win Explorer Tools|FolderOptions|FileTypes tab

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Gordon Biggar

When I saved as a Microsoft Excel workbook, or as an Excel worksheet, I
ended up with exactly what I started with (a CVS file).

By experimenting, however, I saved the file first as a tab delimited text
file, and then read that in to Excel and had the Excel Wizard convert the
file from a comma-delimited file to a .xls file. It worked, but it seems
like a very cumbersome way to get to the end point!

Maybe my procedure was at fault?


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