convert outlook 2003 backup so i can open it Outlook 2007



I'm dual booting win xp with office 2003 and vista 64 bit with office 2007.
I tried to import the .pst file from Outlook 2003 but received this
message:File access is denied. You do not have permission required to access
the file. so i used outlook backup and received this message:
The Personal Folders file (.pst) could not be opened. The file may not be
compatible with this version of Outlook.
How can I transfer my 2003 settings in to 2007?


Best to copy the data files media (with outlook closed)
Copy from media to documents folder in Vista
In Outlook, on Vista, open the data file

The data on the winxp pc is in a protected location, you would need to 'take
ownership' of the file/folder before Vista can access it
Dont overwrite any existing pst

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