Convert number to date value



I have a number which was inputted as a date but came out as a number
(1080022) I need to convert back to a date but can't figure out how to change
it ( changing the format does not work).

Please help


Hi Mike

I don't know what it was originally someone filled in the dates and sent it
to me without realising it was not a date

Mike H


I'm afraid then there's little that can be done. If you look at the number
you posted it doesn't remotely resemble a date. Post again when you have one
of these numbers and you know what the date is supposed to be.


Luke M

Unless there was some type of custom format that adds digits to the number
(say, a format of:
leaving us to conclude the date entered is 10800, aka 10/8/2000)
the number is meaningless as far as a date is concerned. Is there any way
you could get in touch with the original author and ask them what they meant
to put in there?

Luke M

Then I'm afraid as Mike said, there's little that can be done. You'll need to
contact the person and find out what their original date/data was.

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