convert nk2 file to csv?



I am an assistant to a VP who just left our company. He wanted to take his
AutoComplete contacts with him, so I found his nk2 file on the system, and
emailed it to his new email address, thinking that the IT people at his new
job could move it to the proper location so his new email would find it.

I got an email from the IT guy at the new place that says that they don't
use Outlook, they use Google Apps, and that "the special Gmail accounts can
support a CSV file exported from Outlook."

HERE'S MY QUESTION: the VP's account has been wiped clean, so his contacts
no longer exist in Outlook. Is it possible for me to somehow convert the NK2
file to a CSV file?

I'm also going to contact my IT dept to see if they still have a backup of
his profile... maybe I could still export the contacts from there.


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