Controls not updating when forms opened through Switchboard rather than opening manually



I have a very strange security-related issue that is causing me some

I have several forms with several controls on each. One form in
particular has three controls out of many bound to the Record Source
for the form. When this form is opened manually from the database
window, everything appears fine. However, when the database is opened
using the switchboard, the controls that are bound to the form's
record source do not update!

I am logged in as Admin (holding down the SHIFT button @ startup) in
BOTH cases - the only difference is where I instantiate the form from
-- either by double clicking the form in Forms list, or by clicking on
it's button from the Switchboard for the database. The first method
works great, the second doesn't work at all, and I am baffled. Any


Of course, when I resort to posting I figure it out...

Be sure to have your Switchboard set to open the form in EDIT mode,
not ADD mode.

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