Richard Urban

A great many programs have an option with the program preferences to choose
whether, or not, the program will load at Windows Startup. That would be
your "prime" way of disabling auto startup of something.

Other programs take the choice out of YOUR hands and just place an entry
into the registry that starts the program along with Windows. Delete the
entry and the program will not start with Windows.

Other programs add a service that starts automatically.

Any of these may/might put an icon in the notification tray.



Richard Urban
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Louis Miller

I use a number of third-party software, example WIN PATROL, REGCURE which
have programs to control the notification area. *
Win Patrol was purchased to control the notification area plus it has
features via the internet to explain if a program should be in start-up.

What program is the prime or only program to control the start-up items or

*A number of programs give control of START-UP as a added feature.

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