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andrew1030 said:
For some reason, my control+alt+delete wont pop up anymore. How can i fix

The function of the <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> keystroke combination varies,
depending on how you have your computer's security configured. What,
precisely, do *you* expect to happen when pressing those keys? Are you
expecting to see a Security dialog box, or the Task Manager? If the
latter, what happens when you click Start > Run, and type in "taskmgr"
and press enter? Does the Task Manager appear?

If the Task Manager does not appear, or if it appears very briefly and
then disappears, try clicking Start > Run, and type in "regedit" or
"msconfig" and press enter. If these applications also fail to open,
you've likely got a worm, the three below being the most common:

W32.Klez[email protected]

W32.Yaha[email protected]


Because many of the newer viruses and worms, such as the Spybot
mentioned above, can disable antivirus applications whose definitions
aren't kept up-to-date, try using one or more of the free on-line
scanners to double-check your system.

Trend Micro - Free online virus Scan

McAfee Security - FreeScan

Symantec Security Check

Panda ActiveScan - Free online scanner

Computer Associates:




Freedom Online scanner


Bruce Chambers

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