Continuous forms coding suggestions needed.



Hi Access Gurus.

I would like to develop something like this:

A continuous mainform which is controlled by some input boxes was created.
I had a button to display the details on that partically transation. This
is the example:

Form A
PO# Part# Quantity Delivered DueDate
4729 06565 20000 9000 9/18/2009
4729 07284 14000 10000 9/18/2009

When I click say the one with part# 06565, then Access Popup a subform with
Form B
Part# Delivery# DeliveredQuantity DeliveryDate
06565 1999 5000 9/13/2009
06565 2019 4000 9/17/2009

I need two operations here:
1) Add another delivery transaction to the Form for example

2) Edit the current records in case of something wierd happening.

My strategie was that I create a main continuous form and display Form A's
records. A button will be made, when press that, I have a command to open
the subform:

DoCmd.OpenForm strForm, acNormal, , " PartNum='" & Me!PartNum & "' And
POinNum='" & Forms!fHome!POinNumDelivered & "'", , acDialog

Here comes the problems.

For the Form B, if I use continuous form, I cannot create a button say
add/edit then popup another subform for me to process. Moreover, I found no
way to populate the data I wanted from SubForm B then transfer them to the
new subform. The DoCmd.OpenForm only could transfer the Where clause which
I couldn't fetch them in the form for processing.

A ListBox will also work in displaying the records in form B, however, the
DoCmd.OpenForm from Form A where clause cannot transfer to SubForm B. So,
SubForm B's list box will just display all the records without filtering the
Part# and PO#.

Can some one please point me out about what could I do in such a case?



I forgot to put down the table structure. It should be more helpful if it
is there. :)

Right now the problem is not the table structures, it is the UI. If I put
the numbers (including the ID keys) manually, the query result is just what
I expected. ;>

And I thought subform and popup form are the same thing and now I know it
actually is not. I used to develop Asp/ and I am having a hard time
in adapting Access UI disign.

To make my question simplier. Maybe I should say more direct like this:

How could I make the data which was fetched from the continuous form to
transfer to another form for further process?
If I use
DoCmd.OpenForm strForm, acNormal, , " PartNum='" & Me!PartNum & "', ,
PartNum will only be appeared in the where clause which I can't touch it
anywhere from the transfered form.

I hope this time it is a little more clear.

Thanks Bruce.

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