Continuous form / sequential numbering



I am running Access 2003 and want to set up something on
a continuous form in a multi-user environment simply for
the user (aesthetic) when entering data.

User must enter countermeasures on a subform,
he can enter a maximum of 5 and I have a code
running on the subform:

Private Sub Form_Current()
LimitRecords Me, 5 ' allow at most 5 records
End Sub

What I want to do, is for each record added (1 to 5)
they are numbered on the form. I did some hunting
and found:

Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer)
Dim x As Integer

With Me.RecordsetClone
x = .RecordCount
End With
Me.Line = x + 1

End Sub

but with each new record the number on all the
records changes. Can anyone suggest
something that will work? I want to see on
the subform:

Line CM
1 Countermeasure 1
2 Countermeasure 2

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