Content advisor password



I forgot my supervisor password for my Internet Explorer
6.0 Content advisor feature. I was told there is a way
to reset your password without knowing your old password,
but cant figure out how. Can anyone help me with reseting
my supervisor password on IE 6.0 content advisor. Please.

Jim Byrd

HI Jet - Content Advisor - Go here: and do what it says
and/or see here to disable it completely or toggle it:

Here's the basic procedure, but refer to the link above if you need more
detail: Go to Start|Run and then enter "regedit" (without the quotes). and
then navigate to:

Select the "Key" entry in the right-hand pane and
Delete it. Now go to Registry|Exit to close Regedit.

Now you'll be able to disable Content Advisor by opening IE6 and going to
Tools|Internet Options|Content. Click on "Disable". Then click on "OK" when
you're asked for a password - don't enter anything. OK out and CA is

If you wish to restore Content Advisor to its original condition (because of
your kids) you can obtain a Microsoft program (CA-Reset.exe - 89.5K) to do
this here: Advisor reset/.
NOTE: Using CA-Reset will completely delete your Approved List - everything
starts like brand new, so consider this before you use it.

Please respond in the same thread.
Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP


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