Content Advisor - major problem



I was asked to prevent a couple of bad sites from our network. I used the
content advisor, utilizing the Group Policy, to turn on Content Adivsor by
users in only One OU (test_Browser). Somehow, it affected the entire domain.
I deleted (permenentally removed, etc.) the Group Policy. I am still
getting the site has been blocked by content advisor asking for the
supervisor password...thing is, it still takes the password! Problem is, it
is affecting every user, even those in other OU's.
Please Help, I really need to get this removed and stop this....

Steven L Umbach

I wonder if that GPO got linked to the domain somehow. Polices that are not part of
administrative templates can tattoo the registry and since you deleted the policy the
registry entries for that setting are sticking. What you might try doing is to logon
to a domain controller and create another GPO to configure the content advisor policy
again. Just before you configure the policy, disable the content advisor on the
domain controller that you are using. Right after that select the import current
configuration and apply and then right away run " secedit /refreshpolicy user_policy
/enforce " . Logoff and logon a domain computer as a user that was affected and see
if it fixed the problem. You may have to logoff and logon twice. Hopefully that will
work. I would test this in the test OU for a user first and if it works and does not
create any more problems link that GPO to the domain container by selecting the
domain/properties/Group Policy/add. Find the GPO and select OK to link it to the
domain. You can use the support tool gpresult while logged onto a computer to see
what GPO's are applying user configuration to a user. --- Steve


I agree. Note that deleting a GP value does not return that value to the
default... it merely removes the restriction that prevents you from changing
that value manually on the workstation. You still have to take action to
restore the value after doing so, either via GP, via .REG file in the login
script or a remote registry editing tool, etc.

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