Contemporary 15 Inch TFT with DVI?

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Veli-Pekka Tätilä

I'm sight-impaired and as I have a very narrow field of vision, I've found
15 inch 4:3 screens about ideal for my sight with anything much bigger or
much wider being generally worse for me. As the trend is towards bigger and
cheaper TFTs, however, I wonder if there are still 15 inch models with
native DVI support. I've Googled a little based on local net stores
(Verkkokauppa) and price tracking services (MBNet hintaseuranta) with rather
slim results. The IBM T115 appears to be about the only such monitor sold
here in Finland which isn't terribly dated, and even so only one Web store
carries it right now.

Any additional ideas or models I might have missed?

I don't need a touch screen and would suspect such a monitor, provided that
it transmits absolute screen coordinates, will wreak havoc with full-screen
magnification anyway. I'm mostly a speech (screen reader) user these days
but use a visual screen, too, as my secondary output media, if you will,
particularly in mainstream retro gaming.

My sight is bad enough not to be able to tell the difference in non-native
resolutions, though, which probably means DVI doesn't add any relevant
quality, either. However, other sighted folks are going to use the machine a
little, too, and besides analog VGA connectors feel so antiquated these
days, <smile>.

Any help greatly appreciated.



Living in north america, I can't help you. However...

Have you considered getting a laptop which would give you the generally
screensize that you want? This would solve your issue plus you can go
mobile with it. With today's laptop prices, it could be worth it for you.


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