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In Office 2003 Outlook when creating or editing a contact, there was a button
in the lower left called Contacts to link one or more contacts to each other.
When I converted to Office 2007, the button went away, there is a field
called Contacts in the frequently-used fields under Show => Show All Fields.
It shows my previous contact to contact links but will not let me up date
the field.

In another conversation, someone said to have the contact field in 2007, you
have to create the field (which is already ready created but not
update-able). How do I create the same functionality in 2007 and hopefully
display it on the main contact screen? Thanks.

Russ Valentine

The answer to your question has been posted countless times. Since you
appear unable to search the newsgroups, here is one of the answers I posted
yesterday to this same group:

You need to add the linking field to Contact Record view:
Tools > Options > Preferences > Contact Options > Show Contact Linking...

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