Consistancy with colours in Word 07



Hi, I'm creating a word document which has a fair bit of colour; paragraph
shading, text colour, WordArt, and Drawing. Some of the colours I have used
have been "extra" colours but not custom colours. I'm having trouble then
working out exactly which colour I used when I want to use it again down the
track, eg I want to match a blue I used in a Word Art letter to a drawing
shape blue I used somewhere else. When I select the shape I can't work out
which colour it actually is, it doesn't seem to highlight it in the colour
palate, even though I have the shape selected. I can't use format painter
because they are often different objects. What am I missing?




Tony Jollans

In Word 2007, using a Theme colour (perhaps creating your own custom Theme)
may help you - not only could you use consistent colours but you could also
change them all at once simply by changingthe Theme.

More generally you have to go to the Custom tab of the Advanced (More
Colors) dialogue to get the RGB values of a colour.

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