Connector install Error 1935


Pastor Del

I use Outlook 2003 with Vista. Everything has worked well until today. When
I try to open Outlook I get the following upgrade message: "To continue
accessing your main using MS Office Outlook, you must upgrade to the latest
version of Outlook Connector." When I try to install the upgrade I get error
message 1935. Does anyone have a fix for this problem?
Jan 26, 2012
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A computer with Microsoft .NET Framework installed may show error 1935. This generally occurs while the MSI files are trying to install various policy files on your computer during the setup operations.

Following are the various ways you can implement to Fix Error 1935

  • 1. Reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework
  • 2. Perform a Full Virus Scan
  • 3. Full Scan your Registry
  • 4. Re register Windows Installer
  • 5. Check System Files for Corruption
  • 6. Clean the System Junk

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