Connection to Linked ODBC Tables



I have a Access database with Linked ODBC Tables.
Every first time I open the form that uses these tables the ODBC connection
Dialog pops up asking for a password. I can manually enter the password and
get thru. I would prefer to hardcode the user name and pasword into the
database so the user will not have to re enter them every time.

I've tried the following:
CurrentDb.Connect = "ODBC;DATABASE='...'; DSN='...'; UID='...';
CurrentDb.TableDefs(i).Properties("Connect") "ODBC;DATABASE='...';
DSN='...'; UID='...'; PWD='...';"

Execution of last line still cause the connection failure. BTW, Error
message show the wrong User Name.

Any suggestions?


For Oracle I have used:

Dim db as database
db=OpenDatabase(Database, False, False, "ODBC;DSN= "";UID= "";PWD=""


I am using SQL Server, your suggestion did not work, so I have to modify it
in the following manner:

Dim wrkSp As Workspace
Dim db As Database

Set wrkSp = CreateWorkspace("", "admin", "", dbUseJet)
Set db = wrkSp.OpenDatabase("...", False, False, "ODBC; DATABASE='...';
DSN='...'; UID='...';PWD='...';")

Still Access does not like it with a message "ODBC Connection failed".

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