connection problem



I have a win 2000 terminal services server. 10 computers are using the
server without problem. But I have 3 computers that are not able to connect
to the server. I receive a message that tell me to verify 3 things. network
connection, lisense, or call network admin.

I can ping the server so network is ok;
I have enough lisense;

What can cause this problem ?

For the 3 computers that are not working, I tried to connect with remote
desktop to my domain controller and they can connect. So I think the problem
is the TS server.

Any idea ?


Vera Noest [MVP]

Have you checked the EventLog on the Terminal Server?
Which OS is running on these 3 clients?
Impossible to be 100% sure without knowing more details, but I
would say it is a licensing problem, since other clients can
connect to the TS, and these clients can use rdp to a server which
doesn't require a license.
You might have enough licenses, but are they issued to your
clients? If not, the EventLog will tell you so.


Sorry, I'm a newbie in Terminal services. The Terminal services licensing
wasn't install on the server. I installed it and it seems to work.

I will read the doc on the TS License...

Thanks for your help

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