Connection limits, HTTP keep-alives, and debuging


Mark Rae


Development machine is:

AMD dual-core 64-bit Athlon
2 x 160Gb SATA hard drives
WinXP Pro + SP2 and all the latest patches
Visual Studio.NET 2005
SQL Server 2005 developer edition

Recently, after a serious bit of cross-browser / cross-platform testing, I
encountered an error telling me that there too many concurrent connections.
Was slightly puzzled by this, as there's just me using this machine, but a
trawl round Google revealed that the problem was due to having enabled (or,
rather, not having disabled) HTTP keep-alives for the website in question. I
disabled it, restarted IIS, and the problem went away.

However, once the testing was finished and I moved on to the next piece of
development, I was unable to start any sites in debug mode. Another trawl
round Google revealed that HTTP keep-alives is required for debugging of
ASP.NET sites through Visual Studio.NET.

Further research revealed that IIS 5.1 (i.e. the version which comes with
WinXP Pro) is limited by default to 10 concurrent connections, but that this
number could be increased to a maximum of 40
(, though this is not widely advertised.

Therefore, quick question: is it OK to increase the default number of
maximum connections, or is there a way to allow debugging with HTTP
keep-alives disabled?

Any assistance gratefully received.


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