Connecting to network printer


Silver Fox

I am trying to connect to a network printer from my laptop with Vista
operating system. The printer (Lexmark 5200 series) is conected by USB cable
to my desktop with XP operating system. I keep getting this error message
"Windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation could not be completed
(error 0x0000000d)."
I have set up the network, configures my Firewall (Norton 360) and can file
share and also 'see' the printer. I have downloaded the Vista driver for the
printer and the printer works when using the USB connection. I have reviewed
lots of 'threads' on this issue and tried all the suggestions including
ammending the registry as per Microsoft error messages. Furthermore after I
have tried (unsuccessfully) to 'Add the Printer' I cannot communicate with
the printer when it is connected directly to my laptop. To remedy this I have
to uninstall the printer, run Lexmark cleanuputility and then reinstall the
driver. Can anybody shed some light on this thorny problem?


Have you specifically setup printer sharing on the host machine in the
network configuration? It is a separate operation to file sharing. Till you
do, the other machines will not even know it's there. Once you do, they will
see it and be able to load the driver directly from the host machine.

Good luck.

Silver Fox

Thanks Wandering for your interest. The printer on the host machine is set up
to share and this can be seen from the client (laptop) machine. I've tried
always including using the wizard, adding/configuring a new port etc.

Alan Morris [MSFT]

If the XP driver on the server is not compatible with Vista, when you make
the connection, some of the XP driver downloads to Vista but fails with
invalid data.

winerror 0x0000000d

Most likely the best way to print to the device shared from XP is to either
replace the XP driver on XP with the Vista driver (talk to Lexmark first if
they support this configuration), or create a Local printer targeting a
Local Port in the form \\XPmachine\printsharename, then select the Vista
driver for the device.
Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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Silver Fox

Thanks for the info. Your suggestion of using the Vista driver on the XP
(host) machine was successful. My wife can now print from her laptop without
bothering me!!

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