Connecting to Internet via a home network


James Bauer

I have a home wired network connecting a Vista home premium machine with an
XP machine.
File and printer sharing work fine.
I connect to the Internet via dial-up from the Vista machine.
I would also like to be able to connect to the Internet over the network
from the XP machine and would appreciate any guidance that someone could
give me.
Many thanks.



Check the Windows Vista help for this:

Set up a shared Internet connection using ICS

Paste this into the Vista help search, and the resulting page should allow
you to do what you want.

Since you are sharing a dial up connection, the other web page suggested by
Mick doesn't apply - that is for sharing a connection over Ethernet.

Hope you can get a faster connection some day!

Don Mannino

Mick Murphy

Hey, you still have to use the Ethernet Cable with your way
A cat5 cable is Ethernet!!!!!!!

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