Connecting my Vista laptop to the XP server so I can Print



I can connect to the home network that I set up previously, I can "see" the
HP220dtn printer attached to the XP desktop, but I cannot connect to the
printer. I continue to get the error, "wrong printer driver" as I've seen in
other posts.

I have gone on to the Vista compatibility website which directed me to the
HP website to download the updated driver, I installed the updated driver on
my Vista. I tried to install the x64 driver on my XP but keep getting an
error 5 on the /install.

I have tried to add a printer on a local port as instructed in some of the
previous posts on this subject. Here's the text from one of them:

This is how I got my Vista Laptop to Print to a Shared Laser Printer which
is connected via USB to my XP Desktop computer.

1. On your Vista Laptop, Go to Control Panel - Choose Printer - Then Choose
Add Printer

2. Choose Add Local Printer

3. Click on Create a New Port, the default in the drop down list is Local
Port. Do Not Change this. Click Next. You may have to type in Local Port.
You will then be presented with a list of printer manufacturers. Select your
vendor and specific printer from the list. If your printer is not listed,
select the closest match.

4. A dialogue box will appear asking for you to enter a port name. Type in
\\computer name\printer name. For example, My computer's name is Office and
the printer's name is Office Printer, so I typed in \\Office\Office Printer.
You can find out the name of your printer by Browsing for available network
printers BEFORE you do step number 2 above. This is accomplished by doing
step number 1, but select Add Network, Wireless or Bluetooth Printer. Vista
will search for available Printer. Right down exactly how you have named
your XP printer.

5. You should now be able to print from you Vista Machine to a XP Printer

THIS DID NOT WORK FOR ME. I am at my wits end. Any ideas out there??

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

In most cases, adding the printer as local first and re-mapping it as
network printer should work. When you finish the first step - adding the
local printer, can you print it locally?

In the second step, make sure you map the network printer correct. I would
make the printer share name short and no space.

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I appreciate the help. Should I be connected to the printer via USB or
something when I add it? I tried to add the printer a bit ago and got an
error (HP does not support or some such thing).

I wonder if adding the local port as suggested previously might have not
been a good idea?

I really need some guidance and appreciate your response.


Thanks for your response. I have added the printer as a local printer, but
now I get an error that HP does not recognize it ( or sum such thing). I
have added and removed a few printer ports upon the suggestion of the last
guru. I finally downloaded the drivers again direct from HP (through the
Vista compatibility site)....but it would not load them (got that error of HP
does not support that or something). My printer is a HP2200dtn. It would
not load even though the compatiblity site indicates it IS compatible.
My last Vista laptop (which I got frustrated with this issue and sent it
back) it DID load the printer and WOULD print when I connected it directly.
This one will not.

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