CONNECTING A WIRELESS router to Virgin Media Broadband

Dec 22, 2007
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After having serious problems using Virgin Media Indian premium helpline without success - I had a decent USB connection they destroyed - I have decided to go it alone with your help if possible - I now have an ethernet broadband connection

I wish to connect my HP pavilion t340 UK - my HP wireless laptop - my HP wireless Media Centre All running XP Home or XP Media centre to my Virgin Media broadband modem together via a Belkin Wireless G router which I was assured will work with Virgin Media

The t340UK is now connected via ethernet - and the laptop can connect via the same ethernet cable (I switched wireless connection off) by unplugging

Network software - Mailwasher - Mozilla Firefox - Forte Agent

Now the 340 UK is my main machine but it has an Icon (Network Bridge 4 cable unplugged) with a red cross on it - I have in the past used a peer to peer and a NetGear Network connections with success - so I assume it was originally part of that.

So can I simply delete the Bridge network connection in Network connections or can I ignore it? As I assume when I start to instal the Belkin the software will detect it or trip up on this

And has anyone experience of doing the above - that is connecting a Belkin wireless router to Virgin Media (actually I'm a ntlworld customer) . I'm wary of starting this without some help

Any helpful directions gratefully received Thanks!! :)
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