connect to RRAs



hi dear friend

i want, client (dialup) without authentication connect to RRAs windows 2000

pleas help me




Janani [MSFT]

On the RRAS server, make the following settings to accept unauthenticated
access as follows:
1) Configure RRAS server. Righclick <machinename> node on the RRAS
console -> Properties.
2) Goto Security tab. Click on "authetication methods"->check the checkbox
near "Unauthenticated access".
3) If you have remote access policies also configured then in the
"Authentication" tab of the RAP also select "Unauthenticated access"
4) And most important of all, unauthenticated access uses the Guest user by
default. So enable the guest account on your server.(go to Users and
accounts and rightclick 'Guest'-> Properties ->General tab -> uncheck
"Account is disabled" if checked)

Now, when you make a conenction from the client it will connect using
unauthenticated access if the authtype you have selected on the client
conenctoid cannot be negotiated.

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