connect to mdb from .adp?




I created a .adp file with a table in Sql Server. Now I
want to connect to a table in an mdb file from the
same .adp. If I select link Tables, I get a wizard with 2
options - linked server or Transac Sql. Either selection
gives me the same problem. I choold the Microsoft OLEDB
4.0 provider, then the correct mdb file is selected on the
next tab, and when I click on OK I keep getting the error
message that the mdb (Acc2002 mdb) is opened exclusively.
Is there a way to work around this? Can I link to an mdb
from a .adp file? How?


Sylvain Lafontaine

ADP are mainly for SQL-Server.

Your options are either to create a linked server in SQL-Server to your mdb
file or to use the ADO objects to manipulate your mdb file. (You can also
create a DAO database object but I would suggest this option only if you
want to import old code from an old MDB application.)

S. L.


Thanks for your reply. And yes, last night I thought
about that - just using sp_addlinkedserver in Sql Server
EM. I guess that is the way to go. I have to sell the
people at my place on stepping up to Acc2002 from Acc97,
and telling them they now have control on Sql Server
should be the ticket.

Sylvain Lafontaine

If your plan is to move to ADP, I would't suggest Acc2002; you should go
instead with Acc2003 (less bugs).

S. L.

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