Confused about generics ...




I have the following method:

public static IEnumerable GetRoles(CultureInfo culture, bool open)
switch (culture.TwoLetterISOLanguageName.ToLower()) {
case "en":
return new[] {
new { Name = Role.Administrator, Description =
"Administrador", open = false },
new { Name = Role.Collaborator, Description =
"Colaborador", open = true }
}.OrderBy(r => r.Description);
return null;

Basically, what I would like to do, but not knowing if possible is:
- Create the items in a generic way (Not creating a class for this):
new { Name = Role.Administrator, Description = "Administrador", open
= false }

- Being able to use Linq on the result:
GetRoles(new CultureInfo("en-GB" , true)).Where(r => = false)

I think I will need always to use List<RoleClass> right?




Marc Gravell

It will be very hard for a downstream consumer to know what your data
looks like, and hard to test. I would create a Role class that
represents a role. However, you don't need to switch to List<Role> -
IEnumerable<Role> would do.

Btw - this has got nothing to do with generics; just anonymous types.


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