Conflicting device resources


Mark McDougall

Hi Guys,

The background: we have a custom device on the LPC bus mapped to
$4400-$47FF in I/O space. This address space is partitioned between a
number of drivers. The drivers are all working, but some report a conflict
with "Motherboard resources". Some drivers have a custom install class. OS
is WinXPe.

I'm currently re-working the driver suite for a 2nd revision of the
hardware. As part of the process, I'm writing a "bus driver" that will
claim the entire address space, and then create PDOs for child devices
with their own drivers, because it's neater and easier to manage the drivers.

Now, problem is that this bus driver also reports a conflict with
"Motherboard resources". This is a real PITA, because I can't stop/start
the driver without rebooting during development. It's also not very nice
to have conflicts reported in the first place. I note that the PCI.SYS
driver has claimed pretty much the entire I/O space - hence the conflict.

As I mentioned, only *some* of my devices report a conflict. It would
appear that they all have in common the fact that they're root-enumerated.
Other devices that don't report a conflict are 2 (fake) hid devices and
the custom serial ports. The latter use the normal msports.inf file. The
other (non-root-enumerated) drivers do *NOT* conflict, despite the fact
they're using I/O ports in the same range.

So, my questions are:

* is the root-enumeration causing the conflicts?
* what hardware/device id should I be using if not root-enumerated?
* can/should I be using custom install class for the bus driver?
* if not already answered, how do I eliminate conflicts between my drivers
and the motherboard resources?


Maxim S. Shatskih

The background: we have a custom device on the LPC bus mapped to
$4400-$47FF in I/O space.

I think you need to use LogConfig stuff in the INF file for this. Are you using it?

Mark McDougall

Mark McDougall wrote:

Note that I still have this problem. Not sure if there is no known answer,
or I haven't asked this question in the right way?

A related question - the model section in my INF file for the child
devices (those enumerated by the bus driver) specify the ClassGuid as the
enumerator for the device. Is that right? Or should I be using the
hardware ID of the bus driver? Or does it not really matter?


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