Conflict Message - Outlook 2003 Task



My custom form is in a public folder.
When two people are in a task and they save it, we get a
conflict message e-mail and it gives us the option of
saving one of the two or both Tasks.

How can I make it so that when someone opens up a task, it
sets it as read only, so that when another person opens
the task it says that it's read only?

My goal is to avoid these conflict messages.

Thanks for your help,

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

In Item_Open check a Boolean UserProperty on the item to see if it's True.
If it is someone else has it opened first. Then disallow saving that item
(cancel in Write and you can lock your controls). If it's False set it to
True so other users will see it as read-only. When you exit the form clear
that property back to False.



Thanks for your reply. I've been trying this for a while
and can't seem to get it. Do you possibly have a code
sample you could supply me with to get me going in the
right direction? Your help is greatly appreciated.


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

'module level declaration:
Dim blnReadOnly

Function Item_Open()
If Item.UserProperties("ReadOnly") Then
blnReadOnly = True
blnReadOnly = False
End If
End Function

'check in Item_Write and if True then Item_Write = False
'in Item_Close if Item.UserProperties("ReadOnly") then set it False and set
blnReadOnly False and save.
Dec 15, 2010
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Hi Joel,

I have the same issue and was wondering if you could point out what you changed?
I am at lower level VBA and wanted to know if you had the code you used to set the task as read only if someone was editing it - as you wanted in 2004...Many thanks , CJS

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